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Total Preventative Care in Brisbane

Total preventative care involves the early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues that could potentially cause problems in the future. Early diagnosis usually results in more conservative treatments. This saves time and money in the future.

Total preventative care also involves taking the time to carefully plan treatments, using the most up to date knowledge, materials and methods. These services include Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Dental Implants and General Preventative Care.

Adam Alford Dentistry can support positive dental outcomes through education about simple and effective preventative treatments. We individually tailor preventative treatment for our patients. Tailoring can be re-assessed as our patient’s circumstances change over time.

Long-term positive dental outcomes can be achieved with:

  • Six-monthly check-ups
  • Regular visits to the dental hygienist, including fluoride application, oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice to help maintain a healthy mouth
  • Annual x-rays, taken to check in between teeth and around existing restorations, where it can be difficult to diagnose visually
  • X-rays, taken to check any pre-existing treatment to the nerves of the teeth, and possibly to gain a better understanding of the facial structures; and
  • An explanation of dental treatment and options available, with an approximate longevity indication, so patient’s can make an informed decision.

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