Tranquil Sleep Dentistry in Brisbane

IV sedation also referred to as “sleep dentistry” or “twilight sedation”, is a modern, safe and highly effective medical technique that utilises a combination of sedative and pain-relieving drugs intravenously administered by an independent medical physician. The outcome is to create a drowsy, relaxing, dream-like state while the dentist carries out the dental treatment. Our dentist’s are not administering IV (intravenous) sedation.

Patients are conscious during the appointment. IV sedation is not to be confused with unconscious general anaesthetics. In fact, we can talk to patients and they can talk to us, however, most patients have no recollection of the appointment.

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The IV sedation is administered by a medical physician who comes to our practice for an appointment. His role is to administer the sedation and monitor the patient while the dentist does the treatment. This means 2 independent providers will be treating the patient.

At the duration of the appointment, patients have very little memory or recollection of the dental procedure. Patients are usually ready to go home after a short recovery period.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

  • Eliminating awareness, sights, smells and sounds of the dental procedure;
  • Relieving the boredom of long and complex sessions;
  • Easing fear, anxiety and discomfort; and
  • Enabling busy people to have multiple procedures in one single session.

Cost of Sleep Dentistry

A dental treatment plan is determined in consultation with the dentist before deciding if sedation will be required. The sedation physician is not involved in this decision and does not have a financial interest in any dental treatment, product or service that may be recommended.

The dentist will inform you how long the dental treatment will likely take, but please be aware that this is an estimate only and the actual treatment time on the day, maybe more or less than what was initially advised.

The fee for the sedation session is based on time, which is sometimes 30minutes or more than the actual dental treatment time. This is due to the nature of sedation commencing before the actual start of your dental procedure, the physician ensures that you are fully sedated before any treatment begins. In addition, when the treatment is completed, you will be monitored as you wake up and recover until it is safe for you to go home.

The minimum charge is $550 per hour, then charging in 15-minute increments thereafter.

Payment must be made on the day of treatment by cash or cheque only.

A Medicare rebate is available to eligible patients and will cover approximately 30% of the total fee. Additional rebates such as the Medicare “Safety Net” (rebates of 80% of all medical out-of-pocket expenses after reaching a prescribed threshold in any calendar year) and Private Health Insurance rebates may also apply. It is suggested to check with relevant insurance providers to determine individual rebates apply.

If you would like any further information about this service, please email or call us before you visit.


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